Photos & Tour


Dusk photo of community pool surrounded by multi-colored pavers, colorful lounge chairs, palm trees, and four floors of balconies on each side.Beautifully landscaped courtyard with plenty of lounge chairs, Italian garden style, string lights.Community clubhouse with modern couch loaded with pillows.  Leasing offices behind glass walls in background.Community pool area with hammock in foreground, green lounge chairs and residential buildings in the background.IQ's monument sign as seen from the street.  Residential buildings in the background.Overhead photo of IQ's pool, surrounded by buildings on all four sides.Young woman working out on step machine, looking out window to the pool.Community fitness center with various cardio and weight machines.Young man lifting weights and listening to earphones.Community clubhouse with sectional couch, pillows, bar with bar stools, wall mounted televisions on back wall.Kitchen area with wood tiled floors, stainless steel appliances, dark cabinets, modern lighting.Dining area with small, circular table and three chairs.  Breakfast bar and sink in the background.Carpeted bedroom with made bed, desk and lamp.  Door to closet is open, exposing shelves.Carpeted bedroom.  Bed has lots of fluffed pillows, Desk and tall dresser.  Door is open to living area.Another bedroom with blue and white bedspread.  Desk and chair on the right.  Large window with open horizontal blinds.Young man playing boccie ball with building in background.Study nook with small, circular table and laptop.Community tanning booth, turned on.  Blue light emitting from the open doors.Close up of shuffleboard table with two shuffleboard pieces and sand on table.Close up of pool balls racked up on pool table.Young man playing table tennis along side the community pool.Close up of green lounge chairs with the pool in background.Young couple swinging on hammock next to pool.